Can I change paper, quantity or any other job specifications after I've finalized my order?

Due to the highly automated and fast paced gang-run process, once orders are placed, they are final. Changes cannot be made and orders cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Will you work on my project?

While we are honored to be entrusted with your ideas and the invitation to assist in the growth of your business, organization, campaign and or event, we do,  however, reserve the right to refuse any project—for any reason, at any time without explanation.

What payment methods are accepted?

All payments are automated. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, are accepted and processed through PayPal. All others are processed using our merchant account. We do not accept cash.

Design Service:

Will I see my project before it's finished?

Yes. We think that personalized service is important. So we prefer to keep constant contact throughout the design process. We don't accept that a job is complete until it’s APPROVED in writing via email, Text messaging or PDF.

What is the fee for a design hour?
A design hour is $155.00. The initial design hour is billed immediately.

When will it be done?

It depends on what “it” is. What is your deadline? When does it have to be done?

Short answer: On time

Long answer: Our motto is "Be ON Point and IN Time." We are almost never early. However, everything is done when it has to be done. You will be given specific turnaround time(s) for production items such as print when you speak with a representative. Regarding graphic design, in particular: we take design seriously, but we take an artistic, not scientific, approach. Our preference is to start things early so that we have time to let things come together beautifully.

What kind of experience do you have?

• we have a combined experience of over 45 years in marketing

• over 16 years of graphic design experience

• over 19 years of multimedia design experience

File Submission

How do I send my files to Gimme5Firm.com?

Our Web Uploader. Once you have finalized your order, you will be able to upload your copy, artwork and files via email or through the Web Uploader. (Username and password are the same used to login to the website)

Print Service:

File Setup

What file types are accepted?

.AI (Adobe Illustrator), .PSD (Adobe Photoshop), .EPS, .PDF, JPG, .TIF

What color space should I send my files in?

All files should be sent in CMYK. Files submitted in RGB may experience color shifting. All files submitted in RGB are automatically converted to CMYK.

What are the bleed requirements?

All files must include a 1/8" (0.125 inch) bleed per dimension regardless if your design bleeds to the edge or not.

What are your resolution requirements?

All rasterized (bitmap) images must be at least 300 dpi. However, 400 dpi for photo images and 1200 dpi for text and line art is highly recommended.

Should I include crop marks in my file?

NEVER include crop marks in your artwork. Always submit your artwork at trim size + bleed. An example of bleed setup for a 4" x 6" postcard would be 4.125" x 6.125".

Can I include front and back images in 1 file?

Each side of your artwork must be in a separate file. Do not put both front and back in the same file.

Should overprint be turned on or off?

It is STRONGLY suggested that overprint is turned off to avoid unexpected results.


What type of printing is used?

All products except banners are done using a gang run procedure on offset presses including jobs of 200 and 500 quantities. This is possible due to our highly efficient workflow and job volume. Banner jobs are not offset

What line screen are my jobs printed at? 200 lpi

How long does it take to start printing?

Printing may start as early as a few hours. Gimme5Firm.com has full discretion in scheduling and makes sure all jobs are completed within stated turnaround times.

How do I calculate turnaround time?

There are two components to turnaround time. First is production time. This is the time to manufacture your job. The second component is transit time. This is the time for the product to reach you. Transit time varies on shipping method used. Both production time and transit time never include weekends or holidays. The day of ordering is not counted as the first day. I.e. Ordering Monday before cut-off with a 2 day turnaround time means the job will be ready to ship on Wednesday (Tuesday = Day 1 of Production, Wednesday = Day 2 of production).

What is your time-cut?

12:00 PM Mountain Standard Time is the daily time cut.


What carrier does Gimme5Firm.com use to ship with?

Ninety-five percent of our orders are sent via FedEX. Occasionally we employ the use of UPS, or USPS.

Can I have shipments sent on my own account?

In order to take advantage of combined shipping and our advanced shipping system, shipments cannot be sent using your account.

Where do you ship to?

Gimme5Firm.com ships to all 50 US states, including Puerto Rico, and Canada